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A death nap is a nap where you actually are probably in a coma. A nap so glorious that you accidentally doze off at 3 pm watching reruns of TLC's "What Not to Wear," and when you wake up it's pitch black in the room and you realize it's 4 am and you slept the entire day/night away. Then you can't fall back to sleep, so you watch home improvement shows or infomercials until you have to get ready for the day. Then you're so tired when you get home you repeat the cycle all over again.
"I was supposed to study for my final last night but I took a death nap and only had 3 hours left before the test."
by R_Clerk November 27, 2009
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to take a nap for at least 4 hours during the day, usually following a night of debachery, where no outside stimulus is able to wake you up
dude, i partied so hard last night i definitely took a death nap through all my classes today
by Big Money B May 06, 2007
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When you spend the whole nap feeling anxious and then you wake up feeling murderous instead of rested.
Person 1: how was your nap?

Person 2: it was death nap!

Person 1: oh man that's brutal, you must be tired
by Catnapper September 30, 2016
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like a man nap, a person falls unexpectedly to the floor and is sleeping before they hit the floor. Often assuming the position of a corpse such as one at a CSI murder scene.
Guy 1:Dude, I think that guy just passed out.
Guy 2: Nyah, he's just taking death nap.
by Cr1sisR3aper April 09, 2009
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