17 definitions by jeffdiamondchin

1. the sound made by jeff when he realises his meme is dead.
2. when someone is too depressed to say that they are depressed.
someone: why are you crying so loudly
you: me is has the depress
someone: 😕
by jeffdiamondchin November 13, 2020
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a l e m o n is a pineapple in the surreal world
???: are you hungry meme man?
meme man: yes, i require sustenance to function any longer.
???: why not get a tasty l e m o n?
meme man: yes, a l e m o n sounds like it would hit the spot.
by jeffdiamondchin November 19, 2020
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Very happy fun place where everyone is treated well!!!
an example of how it is used in a sentence

Guy: North Korea is good place
by jeffdiamondchin November 25, 2021
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someone:what is wrong

someone:-dials 911-
by jeffdiamondchin November 16, 2020
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literally everyone: filepe is soooo hot

by jeffdiamondchin November 18, 2020
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pfft. you actually thought dogs went to heaven! nope! they go to the dead dog centre where they are made into sausages.
two year old: where do dogs go when the go to sleep
two year old: -cries-
by jeffdiamondchin November 17, 2020
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