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a girl who cannot feel any pleasure in her vagina, but is not paralyzed from the waist down. her vagina is just dead. she cannot get wet if fingered, and will stop in mid orgasm to answer the phone, and act like nothing happened, which will mind fuck a man horribly.
ciara has such a dead vagina she would not get wet for me or anyone else for that matter.
by My name is Mr. Burns January 08, 2010
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what you get your old lady, "instead of" flowers (actually, the flowers ARE dead vaginas, just a different name for them), when either she wouldn't give it up OR laid there like a corpse whilst copulating
"man, last night Edna was so cold that when she spread her legs the furnace kicked on, so this morning I figured I'd tell her thanks by picking up a baker's dozen of some really nice dead vaginas on the way home."
by Steve Hagar March 14, 2007
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