dumb bitchites someone who is overly dumb over some who doesn’t want them or drops their hoes and waits for text and calls from someone who is clearly not interested
i think tasha has DBI she keeps going back to josh knowing he doesn’t like her
by big ole booty February 18, 2022
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dbi - don't beg it.
basically a british slang term that tells someone to stop doing too much/
"Oh shut up Amara, Dbi."

Oh shut up Amara, don't beg it. You're basically telling Amara to stop doing too much/give it a rest and just stop asking for it.
by Dbi -don't beg it December 5, 2022
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The kind of Discord agency that would stare at you thru the Discord Servers and bring you downtown because you were looking at anime girls.
The DBI got me exposed on the internet.
by DawnasDefinitions June 7, 2022
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Dbi is common slang meaning "don't beg it". Often used in messages and chats.
"Please let me buy it"
by Liv.09 October 5, 2022
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Domestic Beauru of Investigation. Currently a one-man, one-cat operation to oversea the cia and fbi among other agencies agents volunteered by one brave and handsome pennsylvanian. The likes of which you better keep the lady friends at bay. This surf n turf stallion is the only over-cya we have to keep this country together.
How can they be torturing their own people??? Something must be done. Who are we going to call?

I think it's time we.... Better Just hit up dbi and get this over with. He's the only one handsome enough. Smart too. And he has a cat in animal decivsion...

Call em.
by Cyanora January 17, 2022
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'just dbi, you're doing a lot', if your friend is doing the most/needs to calm down/is sucking up to someone to get liked.
by bundacious March 13, 2023
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dont beg it. literally dbi BUT u cant say it if u beg it because what the heck? that makes no sense am i right. anyways basically it means dont force or beg stuff w other people otherwise they may violate you which will be sad🙁🙁🙁🙁
jeffrey: “can we please be besties?”
mike: “dbi”
jeffrey: “u freaking frick i didnt wana be ur friend anyways.”
by molly wolly July 30, 2022
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