a rly lovely mutual that i do not speak to but fan girl over when they post <3
“dayshift posted :)”
“too scared to comment tho.”
by boobsf July 18, 2021
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hes an aeesome mtual, and i dont talk to her much but they seem nice 😊
“dayshift os super cool
by akutsi1 July 17, 2021
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damn that dazai kinnie gay asf

o wait it’s just dayshift
by MIASIAAAA July 17, 2021
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A very unatractive young lady! This word spawns from a long weekend in Amsterdam ,where,at nightfall the red light district is awash with various beauties.During the day however it is a different story and all that is on offer is generally viewed with caution!!
This is the worst party ever.Nothing but pissheads and dayshifters!
by Rob Holton May 14, 2008
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A meme game made by the one and only DirectDoggo on GameJolt.
Human: Dayshift at freddy's 3 is coming out on the 12 of December 2018.
DirectDoggo: No. It's coming out on the 30th now.
by TH3BETA1SH3RE December 27, 2018
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It's a game created by DirectDoggo. The two first games are shitpost like but holy shit the 3rd one is deep lore sad.

seriously nobody expected that (loved the game tho)
-hey have u played the Dayshift At Freddy's 3? what do u think about it?
- *loud sobbing*
by miniguana March 27, 2022
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