A dazai kinnie is someone who kins(relates to based off personality,backstory, etc) Dazai Osamu from an anime/manga Bungou stray dogs. Those edgy mfs have bad habits of pushing everyone away and being a general detachment from society. They put on a facade of a clown and act funny and goofy all the time in order to hide their true emotions and intentions because they mostly don't wish to be a burden more than they already are. Most Dazai kinnies are either higly intelligent or complete morons. They love Chuuya kinnies
"So, you're a Dazai kinnie?"
"omg u menace to society"
by dogzaicest June 27, 2021
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An intelligent egoistic entp with severe mental illness. They love chuuya kinnies.
1: i’m a Dazai kinnie
2: ...get away from me
by chuuyaloverr August 9, 2021
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Dazai kinnie

A dazai kinnie isn’t just a suicidal person
someone who doesn’t see a meaning in life or it being useless like watering your pet fish. Struggling to understand human emotions not knowing what your truly feeling ; at times mimicking others emotions or what feels correct for that situation. You probably don’t understand others or yourself. Your just tired of this world you don’t see meaning . Your willing to affect others if it means your out
Person 1 : do you want to die ?
Person 2( dazai kinnie) : yes but then what is the true meaning of life , why are we all here?
by Htdtdfxrgjtgwrgw November 13, 2021
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People who kin Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs

Very Sexy People, all very hot

Abuse Orphans on a regular Basis ❤️

Receive too much Slander :‘(
Person 1: My parents died yesterday
Dazai Kinnie: *Backhand starts twitching*
by Chrollosthickjuicydumptruck February 18, 2021
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someone who kins Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs. if you ask them to define who they are the response is either depressing or confusing. this type of person would mostly kin Dazai either because they're edgy or genuinely suicidal, or because they reflect this bastard a little too well in some ways. usually have up to four moods that consist of: funky, down, isolation, and big word user. this person either has multiple personalities or just mirrors the energy around them, and is rather hard to reach in terms of humanity or stability. often feels like even when they're trying to better themself it just isn't working and could be easily described as alone or an outsider depending on what group of people you are comparing them to. usually seen as loving Chuuya and people who kin Chuuya, but their love life if they have any is probably very strange considering the amount of shit they already put themselves through either mentally or physically. they are aware of all while being aware of nothing at the same time.

the character of Dazai from the anime and manga itself is categorized as a bastard or somewhat eccentric, with mutliple masks and personalities and a classic "mysterious backstory". a Dazai kinnie takes after Dazai's weird personalities or has grown up with them and just finds they relate to this character.

do not approach these people without an open mind, and remind yourself kinning a character, no matter what character it is can look different from person to person
Dazai Kinnie: long story short, a mess.

"so you kin Dazai?"
"oh so are you like, depressed?"
"please, let's not find out."
by GreerofDefinition March 11, 2022
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