A meme that involves a frog on a unicycle that says "Oh Shit Wadup" referred to as "Dat Boi"
Person 1: Here comes Dat Boi!

Person 2: Oh shit wadup!
by InjectTheMemes May 29, 2016
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A meme that originated from each the /b/ image board of 4Chan. It then spread to all kinds of social media like iFunny, Twitter, And all other forms of social media. It includes a frog on a unicycle with the caption of "Here come dat boi" followed by an "o shit waddup". If you are not getting the picture of dat boi, it is on the gif below.
via giphy
by Palogon June 27, 2016
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Dat Boi, a colloquial pronunciation of β€œthat boy,” is a nickname given to a 3D character model of a green frog riding a unicycle, typically accompanied by catchphrases like "here comes dat boi!" and "o shit waddup," that went viral on social media in early 2016.
source- knowyourmeme.com
by The Yeet and Trash Godess January 18, 2019
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