A meme about a talented frog that unicycles and finds the dankest entrance points.
Person: where's dat boi?
Dat boi: *unicycles though wall* "OH SHIT WADDUP"
by Datboi55 May 03, 2016
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a character in the anime dat boicue like Cory in the house both anime's were ahead of their time unlike Cory in the house dat boicue was not cut short spanning sixty nine seasons with the foundered-twentieth episode being whiled except as the best in the series
busta: which is better Cory in the house or dat boicue
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by xXx_pU$$3_sl@y3r_xXx April 19, 2017
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A popular meme that swept the internet away. Dat Boi is a very charming and exciting meme. The meme contains a frog with both arms out on a uni cycle
I wish my phone wasn't dead so I could look up Dat Boi
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by Dj U know who December 03, 2016
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