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To have sexual intercourse in a manner that causes overwhelming pleasure in one's partner.
She hasn't left me alone since I dariked her last week.
by Mystix7934 August 28, 2010
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To be hated by ones wife. To go on in misery for ones lifetime. Unable to change ones bad curcumstances.
guy 1: Man that chick really hates her husband
guy 2: I know... maybe she would like him if he wasn't such a darik.
by sejhdurer January 31, 2008
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Ship name for Tarik and Darin, 2 adorable boys who fell in love during a theatre practice. Tarik was Tinkerbell (because Ema didn't come) and Darin was Peter Pan. They are our adorable gay sons.
1: Darik is THE ship!
2: There's a way better one tho
1: Witch one?!
2: It's a mistery ship
by 12345616354 December 23, 2018
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