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The most loving and sweet girl you could ever meet. Although she could have mixed emotions... she is still the greatest best friend you could have. She is humorous, and nice at the same time. She is brave and not as sensitive as others, but she is so beautiful. She would put others before herself and stand up for her friends at any time. She is underestimated because she is small, but she is NOT what you may think she is...
Girl: Omg, do you see her? She's so small and probably weak
Danyele: Wtf did you just say? I'll have you know I will turn you inside out and feed your flesh to my dogs, don't mess with me.
Girl: o-o
by sameoldbri June 05, 2018
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Someone who can make you laugh in any situation. They have gorgeous curly hair and freckles that attracts all the guys. Danyele lights up any room she walks in with her bright personality and her sexy strut. Danyele is known for randomly singing in the middle of conversations, even serious ones. She loves animals, hiking, and anything to do with nature. Danyele hates fake people or anyone who tries too hard. Danyele loves a guy with some good curly hair and a sense of humor. She also has a pretty dope name because of how she spells it. Overall, Danyele is probably the coolest person you know and you should keep her around.
Person 1:Omg who is that really attractive girl?
Person 2: Oh, that’s Danyele

Person 1: Damn Danyele
by RyanShephard June 09, 2018
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