This word is a adjective that means lit, cool, fire, savage.
Guy 1: We still going to that concert this weekend?
Guy 2: Yeah its bout to be danky.
Guy 1: BIG FAX
by Mr. Dankies March 13, 2018
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Adj.- Used when describing really potent/dank weed. Only used on special occasions when extremely good bud comes around.
Group of stoners: Damn, i can smell that all the way from over here!

Carrie: I know, Its some danky ass bud!

Group of stoners: Pass that shit!

Carrie: Only if you can hang with me .. ;)
by Stoney McGee April 12, 2007
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that pizza was danky
by dankynesss March 8, 2009
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The chocolate cake was dark, rich, and smothered in fudge -- a bit danky for Brendan's tastes.
by Andy June 25, 2003
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Hippyish, stoner, earthy
The girl wearing birkenstocks, a tunic, ripped jeans, hemp, and dreadlocks was danky.
by edm November 22, 2003
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awsome, cool, crazy
to teabag at a sausage fest

yo man that shit is so danky.

i cant wait to get danky with mike
by ten00b April 16, 2009
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