Name: Danell
Origin; of the name Daniel. Derived from the Hebrew Daniel. "God is my judge. The name is borne in the bible by the Hebrew prophet whose faith kept him from harm in the den of hungry lions. Many people fail to distinguish between the names Danielle and Dannell or Danielle. A rare name not often found are people named Danell. They are most likely a leo. This symbolizes sovereign power and authority even royalty. The name Danell often nicknamed Malka meaning queen in Hebrew. They don't often follow mainstream culture; but rather are individual in the way they dress and act. They have the biggest heart hidden within, but can often be misunderstood not appreciated. They have a unique gift working with animals. Characteristics;

Nurture; to bring up; train; educate.
Guides; to supply ( a person ) with advice or counsel, as in practical or spiritual affairs.

"Get close to a Danell as a friend. You may just get some wisdom you didn't have before!
by castleedge December 21, 2016
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If only you were like Danel with his 20372 inch penis
by Pp slayer April 27, 2020
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The most loving and caring people in the world are danelle's. They dont often follow mainstream culture; but rather are individual in the way they dress and act. They have the biggest heart and care about everything and everyone. They are animal people and often strive to work with animals when older. They dont like to wear dresses and they listen to hard-core music. If your lucky enough to have a danelle as your bestfriend, dont let her go because this is someone you cant live without. They often dont like to eat meat, tomato or eggs. Danelle's are the most amazing people inside and out and are loved by all they touch with their loving hearts.<3 They care more about others then themselves and are completely unselfish.
Oh my god i cant live without my bestfriend........(she must be a danelle).
by haha_94 June 18, 2011
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she's a beautiful girl she has a good personality she's loving she's gourges girl and is pretty
by dave swms June 14, 2018
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Most unique girl you’ll ever meet she’s quite at first but wait a minute and she will have u laughing and having fun, just being around her is amazing. She is gorgeous and has the most stunning eyes. She is generous, loving and sweet. Always the first to help anyone she can. She will stand up for what is right even when she is the only one brave enough.
If Danele is in your life don't ever take her for granted, she makes the world a better place.
by UKnowItYoungin December 20, 2018
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a name that is always being mispronuonced "Danielle"
there is probably only one Danelle in your city.
by nugglenost June 2, 2009
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A really cool guy who is down to earth and secretly extremely intelligent and enjoys discovery channel. He drives a sweet bromobile which pumps sweet beats. In addition to being a cool guy, Danel is an amazingly hott guy who has a big d and hot abs. Danel is also sometimes refereed to as a god as he has a some godly aura which follows him around.
At times he can be nice, gentle and sensitive, but its rare...

Other defenitions of Danel are:

Sexy,Cute and all round smooth talker.

Handsome, intelligent, loving, caring, kind, considerate, wise, humorous, entertaining, etc.

Endowed with overwhelmingly good taste - especially in the ladies.


girl 1: did you see that god figure pumping iron and looking sexy in the gym?

girl 2: hellz yeah! i bet he's a Danel, I'd tap that.

guy 1: yeah me too...
by biobitch March 2, 2009
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