A man bun that is 10/10. Hipsters who are obsessed with global warming and like pasta in jars wear these.
That Dan is on point today.
by YaelCantSing October 21, 2016
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the most handsome man you will ever meet, hes very kind and he is so funny you will probably die of laughter
by IMINTHEPHANDOM April 09, 2017
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A collective noun for a large group of wankers
a pack of dogs, a pod of whales, a dan of wankers
by whatanasshole March 05, 2007
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A lazy ass who can't put effort into the simplest things. And is quick in all areas. He comes off as someone he isn't and after about two months, you figure it out.
I am Dan and I can't put effort into this anymore. Give me a few days to see if I want to.
by highupmyass December 09, 2010
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DAN is code word for Dumb Ass Ninja. You would expect that being a ninja they wouldn't be dumb, but like everything else, they are letting anybody become a ninja these days.
Yo man, I was watching Shoguns Assassin, I can't beleive those DAN's didn't kill him near the river.
by bannana-boat November 19, 2007
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