unholy list of events that led to dimise of something
used when you have finally given up
also used to describe premature ejaculation
damn it to hell my old lady got drunk and fucked wayne !
hold on baby don't move i almost got it in awe damn it to hell!
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
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1) A situation where the person displays their demise.
2) A remark to show one's dissatisfaction with an occurance, which can often replace the remark "Fuck!"
3) An expression for the person who regrets his/her choices
Example: When the Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku, realizes he will die in the explosion of Planet Namek his last screaming words "Damn It To Hell" as the lava of the planet bursts onto his body. This was an occurance which he could've prevented earlier.
by Kangal January 26, 2011
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basically it's like saying fuck my life, but worse, because you are also saying "fuck the world and everything in it. because I am having a bad time I am also going to send everything else into the burning fire of hell to make myself feel better." A very reasonable thing to think indeed. ...Damn it all to hell!
"I woke up late this morning, stepped in dog poop on the sidewalk, got fired from my new job, and spilled hot coffee on my balls. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL."
by wackascrack@09 September 18, 2013
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The act of a bitch saying "God damn you to hell".
Then you slap her. She goes "Ow!"
She gets mad and you wasted over $100 on a bitch that you pissed off.
You tell your wife and she says: "That bitch!" then you slaps you.

You get mad and stab her. She says: "I hope you get 'damned to hell by a bitch' again you bastard!"
She calls the cops and you go to jail for four years for assault.
So we all learned something. Don't get a whore and/or bitch.
Bitch: Hey!
You: What!?!?
Bitch: Damn you to hell!
You: Gr! *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* How that feel bitch?
Bitch: Damn you!!!!
You: I want my $189 back!
Bitch: I'm keeping it!
You: Damn it! I got damned to hell by a bitch!
You walk home
Wife: Where you been?
You: Shut up bitch! *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Stab*
Wife: Ow!!! Help! WTF was that for?
You: Go the hell!
Wife: Damn you to hell!
2 weeks later you lose you lose you case and you are sent to jail
You: Crap!!
Prisoner: Get over here! And make daddy happy!
by MadeForDeathDEFINISIONS January 26, 2011
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1. a phrase used when in complete despair (getting hurt, getting your car stolen, etc.)

2. God damning each and every creature to hell
1. Goddamn it all to hell, i'm being court martialed and i barely became a corporal

2. May God Damn it ALL to hell!
by aloadofshittyfuck March 20, 2013
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To express a great anger especially when you find the statue of liberties arm and torch half buried in a desert in the future where the planet is ruled by apes.
Planet of the apes : "We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell."
by Ryan00101101 January 29, 2010
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Used for relieving excruciating pain after experiencing a catastrophic shin-to-coffee-table injury or other similar anatomical disasters. Usually hollered very loud.
OW OW OW Shit Fuck Damn Piss Hell Balls On Chin.
Who put that table there?
by imahottentot June 19, 2010
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