A word used when frustrated or annoyed at a person or event
by rachel January 15, 2004
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"Dah" is short for "disgusting and hau".
"Hau" is a Cantonese word meaning wanton and voluptuous.
That girl is very dah.
by Selena Chau March 17, 2009
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1. Slang word for Dutch (blunt)
2. Slang work for duce (second half of a cigarette)
1. Jenna: Im dying to smoke.

Joey: Do you have a dah?

Jenna: Yes, roll up.

2. Jenna takes out her cigarettes and lights one up.

Joey: Let me get Dah

Jenna gives a dirty look and passes over the second half of her cigarette.
by Jsmokes2 May 25, 2012
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A word to decribe someone who is or who is a ..Dank Ass Hyna,Down Ass Homegirl,Dazed And Hazed...etc. Can be used to replace words like.. well DAH!
DANG! she's down, she must be a DAH!
They're smoking a fat blunt they're probably all DAH.
Don't say DAHt,you know i'm a DAH.
by bigpimpins June 22, 2011
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1)Used in a situation when "Ah!" is too much, and a sigh is too little.

2)A soft spoken exclamation in a situation where something has gone slightly wrong and you, caught off guard, are asked for an opinion but with no real way to respond except to make it obvious that you are at a loss of what the situation is; When someone is confronted with a question that they obviously don't know the answer to

3)Stated If someone were to lose their train of thought

4) when faced with a challenging situation that is not so bad it deserves a "F***!" but more then *sigh, rubs temples**
1)Me: **drops toast butter side down, but tries to catch it on the fall**
"Dah!! no!"

2)Bob: Joe, you know that gift card i told you i hid in the top cushion of the back seat of your moms mini van? Was it the left seat or the right?

Joe: **obviously confused**" Dah!...i dont know!"

3) Me: "Oh man! Remember that time we ran into Joe? That day? when he lost his...um....DAH what was it!?

4) Me: **finishes calculus paper** Whew...**turns sheet over, more on back** "Dah!!"
by Mystic Bacon November 27, 2007
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