A dabbie is a quick marijuana smoke sessions, typically referring to cannabis concentrates.
Guy in Colorado says to his friend.

"Hey" I'm going to have a "Dabbie". I'll be right back.

"For sho Bruhhhh!
by HeardrandomguyinDENVERsay December 7, 2015
adjective: describes a state of being drunk that reflects one of a "DAB" (drunk ass bitch). can have a negative connotation, but is mainly awesome and is highly desired by those aiming to get fucked up. often includes blacking out and doing crazy shit.
(frequently screamed by party-goers): LET'S GET DABBY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fuck you dude!!!! you were so dabby last night!!!!
by queenofdabby June 29, 2011
A combination of the terms "daddy" and "dab" used to describe a person not necessarily in a fathering situation that is definitely LIT and may or may not be very good at the dab. Often used ironically to make fun of the popularity of the dab and the term daddy.
Jeff is a total dabby.
by Toxic312312 December 27, 2016
A type of cannibis concentrate in a wax or dab type mix but with both thc and cbd .

You u got dab or cbd ? Any mixed ?

Smoke dabby daily
You you got dab or cbd ??

Would you say your more in a relationship with Mary jane's herb or her dabby
What do you vape ?


dabby ma babeeeyy.. One Love
by frymanflotium4herba7dictionary December 17, 2015
Adjective to describe a person who likes to dab
She was so dabby on the dance floor!
by Epic Beebo August 29, 2016
A dabby is a term for a person of Latin American or Mexican descent.
Check out that "dabby" truck driver.
by Von Zipper October 12, 2007
A person whose name rhymes with "Dabby", but uncontrollably dabs (or dabs too much), so their name has changed to Dabby.
"Hey Sabby! Whats up?"
"Uh, sorry, its Dabby now." *dabs*
by FriendofaDABBSTER September 5, 2017