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Usually a group of young scholars who intend to have a loose night on the beers. A meeting of "da bois" is often referred to in a 3 word title following the formula 'Beers, Bois, B******' .

"da bois" can be found at your local pub or club on a regular basis, and are known to many other young males as 'da bois'.
beers, bois, bibles

Individual: I took a girl home last night and bois'd her in the bois.

da bois: BOIS!
by turbo123132 December 23, 2011
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da ā€¢ boi (noun) (exclaimation)

When an individual, usually male but can extend to female, does a feat or task that is particularly spectacular or of noteworthy nature. This is usually exclaimed on the commencement or completion of said feat or task.
YOO!!! You da boi right now!

Da boi be on some hot shit right now

by da boi lmao August 19, 2018
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