In the movie Friday the character D Bo stole everybodys stuff. So now it is used in the same way, for instance - Dang boy that kid just D Bo ed your watch.
by Murda 1 October 10, 2005
ohh Hell no?!?! I did not just get D-Boed
by DeeDee1110 May 10, 2005
DBO a bulk mutha fucka.

DBO means to take it away from to use force to get what u want.
Haha you pussy you got DBO ed .
by slaung March 28, 2005
Taking something away without asking without even hinting like your gunna do something. like taking someones spot in line or taking food from them.
1) yo this homo d boed my seat on the bus!
by Azyea December 21, 2006
D Bo is the slang name for Dearborn, Michigan.
1. If you want to say that you live in Dearborn, Michigan, you would say i live in D Bo.
2. I live in D Bo.
3. Do you live in D Bo?
by DUDE FANCY September 22, 2006
1.)Slang for Dianabol, an oral steroid used by athelets to enhance performance.2.) Nickname for someone accused of using illeagl anabolic steroids.
Hey that footbal player is so huge you know he's on D Bo.
by J DUvall July 18, 2006
Person who thinks their music preferences are far more superior to that of anyone elses. Also a person who thinks they are 'too-good' for the radio.
David: You guys listen to country? Fucking Losers.
Sam: David you're such D-Bo.
by meangirl526 December 10, 2007