Taking something away without asking without even hinting like your gunna do something. like taking someones spot in line or taking food from them.
1) yo this homo d boed my seat on the bus!
by Azyea December 20, 2006
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(v.) to steal, to pilfer, to aquire without the expressed consent of the owner
Let's d'bo tha fat kids bycycle!
by Eric September 05, 2003
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A word to be used when you are extremely high, drunk, or just acting that way.
Bro 1: "Dude I was so DBO at the party last night, I woke up naked in a tree."
Bro 2 : "You weren't as DBO as me, I woke up naked with your mom!"
by yamotha13 November 15, 2018
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When you are drunk or high or were drunk or high
Friend 1:Bro I had mad DBO from that party last night. I woke up with a map and a Dora tattoo.
Friend 2 :Bro I woke up naked in your house.
by DwiC$ lick$ November 15, 2018
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to do somthing fucking really stupid.;make a fool of your self;to be completly ridiculous
"man your pullin a DBO tonight, like fuck!"
by Chaboyer_style April 05, 2008
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The pimp who steals everyones jewelry and bikes
I was chillin on the porch when D-bo rolled up and stole the chain my mommma gave me
by D-bp February 21, 2003
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An abbreviation for Diarrhea BlowOut. A DBO is a special type of shit. It isn't any normal case of the runs, but rather the type that makes your sphincter ache for days. Some traits of a DBO are loud anal vibrations, hot burning sensations, and a powerful jet stream often accompanied by splashing.
(Person 1 returns to the lunch table and begins talking)
Person 1: Dude i just had the biggest DBO of my life. Waffle house must make their waffles with shitty ingredients.
Person 2: .........
by The Mysterious Shitter August 20, 2011
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