A really small town in Union County, New Jersey. Next to Union, Roselle, and Cranford. It's only a square mile so everyone knows everyone. There's a bike path near the NJ Transit rails that's always being checked out by cops. There used to be the grove near the HS where everyone would set things on fire and smoke shit. It's a really dramatic town with gangster wannabes and there are barely any normal, down to earth people. Despite all that, they have the hottest girls out there. The rival team is from Kenilworth aka the Brearley Bears.
Guy 1: Yo you headed to the grove?
Guy 2: Stupid, it's not there anymore but we still can smoke some shit. You up for it?
Guy 1: Hell yea
Guy 2: Damn I love Roselle Park. Can do any shit around here.
by aaron westbrook October 3, 2007
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Located in North Jersey, with a population of 13,281, the town of Roselle Park is definitely the best in Union County and all of Jersey. This town is full of drama, betrayal, hook-ups, crazy love triangles, hot girls and even hotter guys. The girls of Roselle Park are the hottest girls around, they have awesome fashion sense, they are very original, honest, sweet and drop dead gorgeous. The guys of RP are the hottest guys in Jersey, they are fun, outgoing and down for anything!! TRUST ME: RP knows how to have a good time; we pre-game harder than you could party!!! Roselle Park is the best small town ever; it’s definitely better than Laguna Beach!
HOT RP CHICK- so what’s going on tonight
RP DUDE- it’s going down at Luis’s
HOT RP CHICK- I’m there, I get so fucked up at his parties!
RP DUDE- hell yea, I’m gonna bring lots of alcohol, you know that’s how we roll
by misss new boooty August 24, 2006
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very small town in Union County. It is slowly loosing all athletic ability and recently growing in minorities. No big businesses in this town. Only hangout spots are "the grove" ;which barely exists anymore, or the highschool. Kids very big on smoking pot and attempting to "party" unfortunately all parties in this town are lame and are either busted or in a cramped, dirty garage.
Yes its true, RP does have the hottest girls and guys but they dont got the brains. Only the un-attractive people are the ones bringing up the towns gpa. Drama is a common word to decribe this town. People who grew up here and played in sports usually grow up to hate the towns around them. There are no such thing as pep ralleys where they egg the underclassmen, or mischirf night due to the fact that RP officers all take their jobs too seriously. College kids come back to this town and have nothing to do but drink by themselves. This town is full of backstabbers and liars who all know each other but are too afraid to confront anybody. Its sad to see a town as pathetic as this one. I am from RP and rather have grew up in Kenilworth.
<me> Yo, you doin anything tonight?
<other> Nah man, no plans
<me> well lets drink in your garage, then we can go to cranford and find some chicks
<other> lets do it, i cant be in roselle park for another night

....both kids end up getting numbers. if in rp, nothing exciting would have happened. Probably would have ended up playing video games or throwing eggs at houses.

by rp hater April 6, 2008
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The lowliest, douche-bagiest, most useless police department in the entire state of New Jersey. They hang out by the high school "speed trapping", what used to be "the grove" & most infamously the commuter parking lot. They can be found in groups of 2 or more congregating talking about their fat wives & their sucky lives.

They're good for nothing...well that is other than harrasing anyone between the ages of 16 & 25. They're great at giving tickets for stupid shit. Some say they can even smell when you're car is parked on the wrong side of the street on street cleaning day(s) from a mile away; well that or from the Dunkin Donuts.

They love breaking ...or attempting to break up parties because they were the kids who never got invited to any parties or got beaten up in high school.
me: Dude who's the douche bag riding my ass
you: probably the...


me: FML roselle park police....
by nullisecunda July 22, 2009
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In this school people think their the shit and although it’s a white town/ school; everyone uses the N word, but it doesn’t matter depending on how popular you are and how broken your english is.
Roselle Park High School is the safest place there is
by Donny from the handle February 10, 2018
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