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Cyclists talking about tyre pressure, seat height and shoe types
Pulled up at the lights today and the guys next to us were discussing tyre pressure and hard seats and what sort of helmet was best - it was total cycle babble
by babblist October 17, 2010
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The random Babblings of cyclist as they stop at the lights, its ussually about tyres, bike shorts, the type of energy drink they're drinking, their bike/brands, how far their going and sometimes about human interest. But the last one is on very rare occasions.
Jack: Dude, today i stopped at the lights and there was this mass group of cyclists discussing like tyre pressure and what brand of shorts they were wearing!

Bernard: That's cycle babble for you mate.
by YeahBroIamYourGodSoLikeYeah October 17, 2010
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The continuous ramblings of a women regarding her current menstrual cycle. May include but is not limited to: complaints about and description of symptoms, commentary on how easy men have it, and a running narative lasting 5-8 days on how it seems like she just had her period last week.
"I had to listen to Jenna's Cycle Babble all the way to Detroit. You'd think she was the only person who ever had a period!"
by Mickey Rock March 29, 2010
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