One who uses the internet, a connected individual. Syn. netizen. Popular among late-nineties wannabe cognoscenti as a self-referential ego-fluffer.
For the cyberian who has everything, including an attitude, take two doses of Culture Jammer’s Encyclopedia and call us in the morning. -- Yahoo!’s Picks of the Week, July 20 1998
by Myself248 January 22, 2007
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1) Any dangerous person causing mayhem in Cyberia. Unfortunately not an endangered species

2) any person other than Tom Jones claiming to be Tom Jones in a chat room
1) Peter conned the UD editors into adding Cyberian tiger

2) TomJones: hi girls, im a real tiger
MaryJane: fuk off TomJones you Cyberian tiger you
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
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vast virtual ocean of Cyberia where the cyberwaters are rich with files, info, friends and foes.
Áññè ßöññý'$ ǵtlå$$ 442 is sailing the Cyberian Seas again, did you see the freak flag flying?
by rinncess August 02, 2006
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A sex possition, two dicks required for this one, like a reverse scissor move, both dicks enter the other person's anus at the same time making double penetration for the pair... three way cyberian bum lock is called the clapping bum-shuffle.
I totally but her boyfriend in the cyberian bumlock.
by rocka-cocka February 24, 2010
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