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To stretch one's circadian rhythm, so it aligns with a normal daylight cycle, but having missed one period. Excessive stimulant use, severe jetlag, or working an unusual shift, can lead to "wrapping it around". Compare to weekend lag, which attempts to compress an already-stretched cycle, rather than stretch it further so that it aligns again.
I could try for a nap before the morning gets under way, but once I'm asleep I'll want to stay asleep. I think I'll just wrap it around, pass me another Dew.
by Myself248 November 27, 2007

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One who uses the internet, a connected individual. Syn. netizen. Popular among late-nineties wannabe cognoscenti as a self-referential ego-fluffer.
For the cyberian who has everything, including an attitude, take two doses of Culture Jammer’s Encyclopedia and call us in the morning. -- Yahoo!’s Picks of the Week, July 20 1998
by Myself248 January 22, 2007

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1. n. The Google-sponsored mobile device OS steaming into Apple's formerly-cozy territory.

2. n. A large, unwieldy, or clumsy smartphone (or other device) which runs Android. (pejorative)

3. n. A powerful, feature-packed, formidable smartphone (or other device) which runs Android.
Looks like she ditched the iPhone for something a bit more hackable, but did you see that droidnought she's carrying? At least it has a user-replaceable battery...
by Myself248 June 03, 2011

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