A person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste; a connoisseur.
He is a congnoscenti when it comes to French wines
by Manoj Pinnamaneni July 17, 2005
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A luxury 4-door full-size sedan in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V/Online, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, while a wrecked and slightly altered variant appears in Max Payne 3. Manufactured by Enus, it is based on the 2000-2012 Maybach 57 and/or the 2000-2012 Maybach 62 with the front having heavy resemblence to a 2003-2011 Bentley Continental/Bentley Continental GT. The taillights and the rear of the vehicle take weird inspirations from the 1998-2005 Rover 75.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, for its size, it is a great performance vehicle in terms of Acceleration, Speed, Mass, Stability, and Damage. With a mass of 2100 kg / 4630 lbs, Top Speed of 93 mp/h or 150 km/h, 5-Speed Manual Transmission, and a RWD Drivetrain, and average brake distance of around 35-37 ft, it is great for your regular ol' cruisin, car chases, car races, and a lot more, including escaping from the Police.

In Grand Theft Auto V, its specifications are the same, but with heavily downgraded speed and major differences. With a more realistic-looking mass of 2700 kg / 5952 lbs, a Top Speed of 87 mp/h or 140 km/h (Downgraded from the 93 mp/h or 150 km/h from Grand Thef t Auto IV), 5-Speed Manual Transmission, and a RWD Drivetrain, brake distance being around 16-24 ft, it is good, if not a little better, for the same things mentioned above.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we people at Enus are proud to present to YOU a new limo. Meet the Enus Cognoscenti! Has a 5.5L V12 engine, 3 year warranty, and a price of 60,000 dollars, it will do everything for you in no time!
by MatthewPaanoTorres February 5, 2023
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