Cya is a "come-back" to somebody who is simply being a douche, or if you want to be a douche to somebody else. It's like responding to someone and saying that you aren't cool, funny, and nobody likes you all in 3 letters.
"Hey, I banged your mom last night"

"cya" or change it up: "Oh, really....CYA!"
by upp October 12, 2011
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Another way of saying "Goodbye" and "See You" as it infers that the person & individual well most likely meet again.
Cya later! Honey!

You better be there tomorrow! Cya There!
by User_Name_Taken_ April 7, 2021
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Cover your arse. Extraordinary precautions that are necessary in an overly litigious society.
Make sure you document everything just to CYA. Those attorneys are ruthless.
by Leon Fulmer February 6, 2005
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Our new boss is really picky so make sure you CYA with lots of documentation.
by Krstn14 November 29, 2016
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I told tom to cya , but he didn’t understand .
by Issa goat🔥‼️ April 27, 2018
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See ya: Email or letter ending salutation

Yo Bob,

Howzit go'n.

Cya, Pete

by 12kcolg September 18, 2008
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