one's lack of culpability for foreseeable negative outcomes.

Derived from the acronym CYA, which stands for "Cover Your Ass" -- common parlance in the American workplace, used when warning co-workers to protect themselves with adequate, blame-deflecting documentation.
Joe is thankful to the Legal department for refining his skills at inserting stealth qualifiers (such as: "can," "may" and "helps to ...") to enhance the CYA-ishness of his written materials.
by Robert-not-Rob July 20, 2009
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cya = See you
tomato = Tomorrow
Internet Language to say "see you tomorrow"
Annie: Bye! G2G!! ILY HUN!!
Me: kk, Cya tomato!!!
by Almemj11 September 4, 2010
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showing your distaste towards someone, or wanting a person to leave the group or area, you dont want that person around you. can also use the persons name instead of dude.
a circle of friends are talking
brady walks up to the circle
so john says cya later dude.
by John(Fungalkhan) February 22, 2011
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Cover your ass.

Synonymous with the notoriousbackpedal backpedal backpedal”
The bureaucrat’s speech at the press conference following the event sounded like a total CYA
by SoccerHorse November 27, 2021
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