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Cover your arse. Extraordinary precautions that are necessary in an overly litigious society.
Make sure you document everything just to CYA. Those attorneys are ruthless.
by Leon Fulmer February 06, 2005

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1) Bastardization of the term, Bear Hug. Semantic alteration. Used in association with attorneys who minimize or attempt to dismiss illicit sexual relations with their own clients.

2)Bar associations and Supreme Courts embracing or ignoring attorneys who violate ethical standards.
1) I was merely giving Mrs. Doe a bar hug.

2)Disciplinary Counsel keeps giving attorney Doe bar hugs.
by Leon Fulmer September 26, 2004

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Acronym for the "Washington State Bar Association." Also, "Won't Stop Bad Attorneys." Colloquialism. Pronounced Wauzbuh. Stems from blatant abuses to legal consumers which are seemingly condoned or ignored by the WSBA and Supreme Court. Despite voluminous complaints and damages, the WSBA historically does too little, too slowly, to protect Washingtonians from unscrupulous attorneys who violate the rules of professional conduct.
Gosh Fred, sure sorry to hear about how your attorney took your family's money without doing the work. It's just another example of WSBA.
by Leon Fulmer December 30, 2005

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