When you make fun of someone or something. A.k.a. diss
Kimberly's "cuttin' ass" on Tony sayen he be eating mad much.
by Dee August 19, 2003
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when a parent whips a child after they have been bad this is what they get
i give my son a good cut ass with the razor strop. He gives it to my daughter with a razor strap.
by fsaag July 25, 2003
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when one blows something fierce out of the good ole two hole resulting in coughing and sometimes nausea
when jon cuts ass everyone keels over
by jonny March 12, 2003
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The act of make front of or humiliating someone.
He was cutting ass on thats girls sneakers at the party.
by Inovidable October 20, 2007
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An act where an individual engages in self harm in their nether regions.
Nadine: bro, did you see edriss?
Sadaf: no? What's wrong
Nadine: he's cutting his ass in the bathroom mirror.

Nadine: we saw you cutting ass!
by AssCuttingProvention.org October 4, 2018
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Me : *see's friend wearing something ugly* "boy im about to cut your ass"
by Tuynsioonn February 22, 2017
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