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The three most important things in entrepreneurship are: sell, sell, sell. Good salespeople are always closing deals. They never forget to bring the contracts with them, never forget to ask for the deal and never forget to get their client's signature. They also understand that the true purpose of marketing is not really to sell anything but to build a brand and the true purpose of a brand is to build trust and the true purpose of building trust is to give the salesperson a greater opportunity to close the deal. After all, people like to buy from people they like and trust.
Here is an exchange between actor Nicky Katt in character as Greg Weinstein in the 2000 film, Boiler Room, with Giovanni Ribisi playing Seth Davis:

Greg: Now, now, listen to me. Even though you're not actually selling stock yet, I want you to remember the code we have here, okay? Did you see Glengarry Glen Ross?

Seth: Yeah.

Greg: Okay, do you remember 'ABC'?

Seth: Yeah. 'Always be closing.'

Greg: That's right. 'Always be closing.' 'Telling's not selling.' That's the attitude you wanna have, okay.
by ProfBruce April 02, 2011
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