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One who is mastered at the art of cunninglus or female genital stimulation.
That boy who fingered me last night made me come in 3 minutes; he was a real cuntmaster!
by Bob Dole March 26, 2003
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definition 1- someone who steals your trail mix
definition 2- AKA mastercunt, known as the biggest cunt ever
definition 3- someone who spills beer on your DDR Pad, and masturbates with your favorite shirt, while watching colbert report
damn, i was trying to fuck this girl then i found out she was a cuntmaster, oh my god.
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1. A person who is being a douche.
2. A person who is embarrassing or annoying.
3. A person who is being a dumbass while high.

1. Omg, stop being a cunt master!
2. Dude, he was being such a cunt master at the party last night.
3. Fuck, I'm never smoking those fools out again. They were cunt masters.
by AnnoArnold August 07, 2008
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