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Where several people get together and text one person (who is preferrably not present) at the exact same time with messages that all use the word "cunt" but generally follow a specific theme. This must be quick and painless and done by a large group of people at one time, blindsiding the victim. One text per person is all that is needed. Nobody cares if you have more "good ones." Save it for next time.

The novelty and spirit of the game is lost if you send a text on your own with a "cunt" message just because you thought it was funny. It's not; at that point it's just profane and tasteless. When a group of people do it to one unsuspecting person, then only is it hilarious and perfectly acceptable.
We're cuntblasting grandma with Disney movie titles, I'm going with either "The Jungle Cunt." You should definitely go with "The Little Mercunt" or "A Cunt's Life"
by jschmoe July 02, 2011
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