doing a cunnilimgus or have one done; eating pussy or having it eaten🐍 to be or not to be
Would you rather do a blowjob to GD or Have a cunni by Jungkook
by cunniethereal May 25, 2018
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Plural for cunnus, cunnus being Latin for vulva.
Horses have green cunni.
by HemmaGo January 5, 2012
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Another term for loli. Refers to a loli anime character.

It is often associated with the crying emoji 😭.
People often scream UUOOOOOOHHHHHH with a crying emoji 😭 when talking about cunnies.

The term cunny is widely used in the Blue Archive community
Cunny love is cunny life,
One day I hope for a cunny wife,

As I arise in the morning

I gaze upon my cunny wife yawning,

With eyes like dazzling gems,

And gems 10/10,

All I know, all is well in life,
When I have myself a cunny wife.

Shun Cunny Shunny UOOOOOHHHH 😭😭😭😭
by Setsuzushi May 4, 2023
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Though the slang was another way to refer to a vagina, it has taken a new meaning.
Currently it is used to refer to the anime loli vagina in imageboards such as 4chan.
The crying emoji face with caption "UUUOGH" also refer to the same thing.
Alex: Hehehe I love cunny
Bob: So, you are a pedo
by g_LemoNN September 21, 2022
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Slang term for "Vagina", often associated with lolicon or hentai imagery.
At some point you just realize that pussy isn't worth the trouble, except for cunny.
by Fren_S April 5, 2022
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Her cunnie tastes good.
by Hal9000 September 22, 2004
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Amalgamation of the words cute and funny. Typically used to describe young fictional women.
This loli cunny is prime.
by Royal pepe August 10, 2021
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