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Orgininated in Brisbane, Australia. In Australia, cunt is the name given to someone who is horrible and mean. An onion is a vegetable of many layers.

A cunion is a person who is so horrible (i.e. a cunt) that they have so many layers of cunt to form an onion of cunt; a cunion.
Man, did you see that guy kick his dog? What a cunion!

I heard Steve cheated on his girlfriend. He is such a cunion!
by Lifeisacunion October 21, 2016
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Originated in Newfoundland. Similar use as cunt but not as nasty. For people who don't like to call people the big 'c'. Probably a combination of cunt and onion (something to do with smell maybe?)
Man that guy is such a friggin' cunion.
by Vachon Man October 11, 2005
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A hideously smelly vag.
I nearly puked when I got a whiff of Shirley's cunion fumes.
by Cunion Fumes August 24, 2011
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