A girl who gives head to numerous boys without a condom. The male the nuts in her mouth and she swallows.
Courtney's a cumwhore for sucking off that whole clique of dudes
by lil bit March 17, 2005
a girl that loves the taste and texture of sperm in her mouth...mmmm... and so she ends up getting facefucked often in search of that delicious nectar, I mean... man seed.
"I love the taste of cum, I'm such a cumwhore"
by nenita4fun November 8, 2007
A person wom loved semen in their mouth all the time.
OMFG! .. NO ... CUM..... GONNA .... DIE I am such a greedy little cumwhore!!
by Mr I September 12, 2007
Any person who casually accepts sex with many or numerous partners. Usually refers to a skank ass bitch that you know who gives head in alleyways or takes cum in the ass on a normal Friday night. Be careful of cumwhores because they will make you think you should have sex with them, but actually it's a bad idea. Believe me....
Why the fuck did you bring that fuckin' pathetic cumwhore along?

Watch out for that bitch, she's a cumwhore son!
by Andy Board September 24, 2005
A person with a propensity for indulging in the drinking or lathering of large amounts of ejaculatory fluids; someone who enjoys the taste or feeling of sweet, salty cum as it runs down the bulbous head of society and drips down onto their moist, anxious lips. A cumwhore is the highest tier of fuckboy and are highly prone to sudden lapses of faggotry or bitchitude.

A cumwhore essentially constitutes any individual who:
A) Is unable to make an arbitrary engagement regardless of the circumstances surrounding their absence
B) Refuses to partake in the consumption of smoke gleaned from burning a particular green substance that looks kind of like broccoli but totally isn’t broccoli
C) Mistakes the odor the aforementioned smoke for the stench of Vienna sausages
CLAY: That guy is such a cumwhore! He sure does enjoy the taste or feeling of sweet, salty cum as it runs down the bulbous head of society and drips down onto his moist, anxious lips!
by WhoreOfCums December 27, 2013
When I Start To Cum And You Don't Lick It You Are A Cumwhore.
That Girl Didn't Like My Cum So She's A CUMWHORE.
by Dirty Basterd July 22, 2018