any man whom had completed the destroy dick december challenge. Essentially the peak of a human
Last week was the first week of my Cum God experience
by Cockblocklegend January 2, 2018
Any person who can take loads of cum at a time. Can bend cum with their mouth as poseidon bends the waters at sea, and can make anything and anyone cum.
Person 1: wtf he do to u
Person 2: idk man but i just came like crazy
Person 1: shittt he the cum god
by Plu72 June 29, 2022
when a man grows wings and begins to fly with a light on his back while cumming, to emanate a god cumming
this can also be used on people then it will be known as a flying cum god lord.
i was walking in the park and some guy pulled a flying cum god on the tree and I ran so it didn't become a flying cum god lord.
by penisleggyface December 6, 2017
God's cum is sweet as honey. I just demand that God comes down from heaven and shoots his hot load inside of me. God comes down flips me on my stomach and pounds on me until he covers the inside of my body with his hot sweet honey cum. I then demand God to go back to heaven until I want his cum in me again
by obsessivesexualbehavior December 16, 2015
Used to describe anything that is unbelievably delicious. The only thing that you can compare it to would be the delicious man juice of God.
This is the best beer I have ever tasted. It is like God's cum.
by fratstar615 September 10, 2010
When 10 or more men cum in a baby pool and the last guy to cum has to slime his whole body in the sticky love juices
Guy 1“Hay you wanna have a god cum tonight”
Guy 2“yes I’ve been waiting to god cum all week
by Hornyspazz69 October 31, 2020