4 definitions by Cockblocklegend

any man whom had completed the destroy dick december challenge. Essentially the peak of a human
Last week was the first week of my Cum God experience
by Cockblocklegend January 2, 2018
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When somebody does something extraordinarily well; someone being "in the zone"
" Did you see how many points Devin Booker dropped tonight?" "Yeah he was on timing."
by Cockblocklegend June 2, 2021
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A slow and non intelligent human that 50% of the time are lost and the other 50% are wanking
Wow look at the damn weepwop over there
by Cockblocklegend May 15, 2017
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To be unsuccessful in every single way possible, not have any common sense and have no knowledge of anything at all
Yeah Mark is pretty yeebish
by Cockblocklegend August 26, 2017
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