2 definitions by penisleggyface

when a man grows wings and begins to fly with a light on his back while cumming, to emanate a god cumming
this can also be used on people then it will be known as a flying cum god lord.
i was walking in the park and some guy pulled a flying cum god on the tree and I ran so it didn't become a flying cum god lord.
by penisleggyface December 06, 2017
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when a man grabs a book and throws it out of a window and yells all right peepees.
i was sitting there and then i saw a guy pull a peepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepeepee, like dude chill.
by penisleggyface December 06, 2017
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