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Synonymn for slut.
One whom you would imagine to be containing enough semen within various orifices of their body to fill a receptacle of some kind, such as a bucket.
Keep away from my boyfriend, you fucking cum bucket!
by violet March 03, 2003
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A whore who everyone ejaculates in.. A popular female public depository for semen.. Someone who all your friends have screwed..
Felicia has slept with everyone, she's such a cum bucket..
by mtrhd122 October 26, 2009
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A bucket full of cum.

Pretty self explanatory, I don't know why you googled it.
"Shut the fuck up you cumbucket"
by tespallinmaystr April 29, 2016
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A female that is a dispensary for semen. Will usually be open for business when ever see if awake. Someone that you can ejaculate your come into for free. Where u put your cock in when your about to cum. And chicks vagina that is always wet and ready for deposit.located in a skanks stomach .
That chick sucked everyone off she is a real cum bucket. Everyone and there uncles deposited sperm in that cum bucket. That cum bucket got fired for drinking on the job at the sperm donation clinic
by DAKIDCRIMEBOSS September 21, 2015
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Equivalent to "cum depository" meaning someone full of ejaculate because they are a slut.
Dude, that cumbucket has nailed like seventeen guys this semester.
by Sam Fryer March 30, 2004
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one who frequently engages in any sexual act in which bodily fluids relating to sex organs are exchanged; one who is characteristically indiscriminate of their sexual partners
your mom's a fuckin' cum-bucket
by julius March 06, 2005
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