cuffed jeans are when you roll up the bottom of a pair of jeans to make them shorter or into a Capri style. while some associate this trend with bisexuality, it is a fashion statement, not a way of coming out. cuffed jeans coexist and can be worn by everyone, and they don’t mean you’re bi! everyone can enjoy this style
Hey are those cuffed jeans? They look great!”
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Cuffed jeans are jeans that have the bottom rolled up above the ankle. They have been in the fashion world for many years. In 2019, the LGBTQ+ community has "claimed" cuffed jeans as bisexual. However, no matter what your sexuality is, cuffed jeans can be worn by anyone. Straight, gay, bisexual, it doesn't matter. Cuffed jeans are a universal fashion statement to be shared by all genders and sexualities around the world!
Person 1: Hey, I like your cuffed jeans!
Person 2: Thank you! I think that they're great!
Person 1: Yeah, cuffed jeans are a fashionable item of clothing that anyone can wear!
Person 2: I agree!
by C of the PTC July 5, 2019
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if someone has cuffed jeans, they’re bisexual. sorry i don’t make the rules. it is how it is
‘Did you see that John has cuffed jeans? A bisexual legend
by sixcfcrows June 3, 2018
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Rolling up the bottoms of the legs of one's jeans. Often used to signal bisexuality and sometimes claimed by sapphics (wlw/nblw), the act is among many methods of signalling popular among queer youth. However, like with every signal, it doesn't "confirm" a person's sexuality -- anyone can cuff their jeans.
Person 1: I like your cuffed jeans! They look cool
Person 2: Thanks! I like your plaid!
plaid and flannel is another signal associated with bisexuality and queerness in general. pointing out another's signalling is often a way of communicating that you're a fellow member of the LGBTQ+ community.
by sobqjmv-sphinx April 28, 2021
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When the bottom of the jean is rolled up slightly, commonly associated with bisexuality.
I really like the style of cuffed jeans, but sometimes my ankles get cold.
by Moo juice August 19, 2019
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If you’re gay, you wear cuffed jeans.
If you’re straight, you wear cuffed jeans.
If you’re any other sexuality, you wear cuffed jeans. Literally nobody cares. It’s fashion not a label.
Person 1: “Ooooh are you wearing cuffed jeans? Are you bisexual?”

Person 2: “Nah fam, I’m not bisexual. I just thought they were cool.”
by E of the PTC July 5, 2019
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