The magic combo on your keyboard the solves all of your problems! btw Mac computers dont have this magic combo guess why!
My computer fucked up! damit! wait i know what should i do! the magic combo Ctrl Alt Delete!
by Dude June 19, 2006
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A phrase that when said by a friend makes you obligated to finish your drink as fast as possible. Also used to describe someone drinking a drink super fast.
I just saw Connor Ctrl+Alt+Delete that beer so fast.

Hey bro, Ctrl+Alt+Delete
by Cmanator April 15, 2019
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"The TV monitor that's hooked up to the computer is broken."
by Daniel Munro May 6, 2005
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Another word for kissing-oral sex-and then taking a shit.
Dude 1: Hey buddy how was your night?
Dude 2: Awesome, spent it with girlfriend.

Dude 1: Nice!
by Sambiase February 28, 2018
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CTRL + ALT + DELETE a popular webcomic, they celebrate the gaming season 'Winter-een-mas' there
Whoa, dude CTLR + ALT + DELETE owns! Lets celebrate Winter-een-mas
by Veon January 7, 2005
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Ctrl+Alt+Delete is a keyboard shortcut for most computers.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete can also be used in a joking matter for someone who forgot a memory.
They Ctrl+Alt+Deleted there memory from the past month!
by SloppyWasTaken January 21, 2020
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