Dayummm cant a brotha just ctfo, he's buggin hardcore

Sometimes Ryan just needs to ctfo

Smh sometimes a brotha just needs to ctfo and foh
by tobesandezzie October 25, 2010
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"chill the fuck out"
Used when a person is speaking to another person over internet or in person to calm them down
Matt: My mom is going to FLIP out when
she sees my chemistry grade!

Ben: Dude, ctfo man, ctfo.
by AlxCec May 24, 2007
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Person 1: I am so mad, omg, I wish I had a gun, shit!

Person 2: Dude, just ctfo.

Person 1: Ok.
by Lil' chick June 27, 2010
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Chill the fuck out. Used when someone really needs to calm down.
Jane : Mark broke up with me last night, I'm so depressed, what am I going to do, my life is ruined-
Sarah : Ctfo!
by 57thStreet June 25, 2010
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CTFO is an acronym for Chill The Fuck Out. It was popularized as an everyday term by a Washington DC resident named Bryce, who attends the Maret School. Others may try to take credit, but Bryce actually did invent and popularize this phrase, after the surge in popularity of WTF. You are supposed to pronounce every letter in the word (ex: see tee ef oh)
Where the hell are we supposed to be?
CTFO, we'll find it

by felix sexy cat September 26, 2005
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Chill The Fuck out

(a varient of ctfd invented seperately)
Phil: I don't man i'm just going to kill myself. she spt with him man!
Chris: Wow Man CTFO youll be fine
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
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