It means Chill The F*** Down, or Calm The F*** Down, usually used when one person gets mad at something simple, which wasn't meant to insult. Also used to calm someone down before a Beef.
#1 "Dude, Stace went to the Movies with Robert"
#2 "WHAT?!?!?!?"
#1 "Dude, CTFD she went with her Posse"

"Yo mamma so stupid she put paper on the television and called it paper view!"
"What you say 'bout my mamma?!?!"
"CTFD, It was a harmless joke"
by alexdude2901 November 5, 2011
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Calm The Fuck Down.

said when someone is really stressed out and needs to slow it down.
Mary: AH! I have homework, tests, a midterm tomorrow, and I am not getting enough sleep or food!!!!
Jess: CTFD and plan well.
by tropicy October 13, 2010
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An Acryonm for "Close the Fucking Door"

Generally refers to the societal norm of closing a after walking through it, used perjoratively at those who would leave it open; especially those leading outdoors
*Mark leaves the door open as he enters the house party*

"Hey asshole, CTFD!"
by KLR327 September 16, 2017
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Person 1: "What is this shiznet! I asked for tomato sauce, not barbeque! MAKE IT AGAIN!!!".

Person 2: "CTFD".
by cruisinInmyHolden September 24, 2011
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