Common Street Filth
Uses to describe someone or something who is similar to something lying on the street
Jim: "did you see that girl last night? Why didnt you tap that"
Joe: "No way man! She resembled CSF"
by Know-it-all121212 June 05, 2009
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crap, shit, fuck. this term is used when extremely happy or extremely mad.
What the csf was that?!
by bob the giant aligator October 22, 2004
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-why the fuck are you texting me this late?
-Csfs man, sry
by leftlash January 02, 2010
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CSFS is an acronym for Chronic Self Fucking Syndrome. So far I am the only person I have found that has this terrible disease. It is a disease that makes it so you fuck up every situation in which you are witha girl that you like, and make it so they cannot stand the sight of you.
You told Sarah you were going out with someone else? You Fucking Retard!

I know, its the CSFS, what can I do?
by Ricky Dalldorf December 21, 2004
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Endearing acronym for the term cocksuckerface. Used mainly between friends; enemies are usually just called cocksuckerfaces.
"Hey, thanks for being the best man at my wedding... CSF."
by tonyknipl September 23, 2009
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Meaning Chicken Shit Fucker. A guy who has been new to a game, and still sucks at it. Similar to a nub.
God damn CSF. You just killed my character!
by Toran October 13, 2007
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Being friends with a person of the opposite sex, as in "Cross-Sex Friends".
Me And Alexander are CSF.
by OhioChick December 27, 2006
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