A taboo beverage which includes human urine and other urea derivatives among its active ingredients.
I was very thirsty, so obviously my first thought was to guzzle a tall glass of Cryptic.
by Galer January 4, 2009
The act of speaking in a cryptic manner.
He needs to stop speaking in cryptics.
by Mercedes August 6, 2004
Scary , horrifing , creepy , any thing which has morbid nature
Cryptic is the only way to describe that ugly bitches hair.
by Russel Mendes October 9, 2008
A Flag representing a special place in our society, such as Pete & Pete, Foster Child, tree hair, glasses, and a super duper G-String.
"Hey man, you best rep the cryptic
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
The skill possesed by one 'Plastic_Demons' to convey information through covert and disguised methods.
"Demons' crypticness is really confusing me today..."
by Bullett March 31, 2005
A line made famous by flash animation veteran, Egoraptor, in his spoof of the game Metal Gear Solid, "Metal Gear Awesome". This is uttered aloud, by Vulcan Raven, referring to the fact that Snakes have no arms, and since Revolver Ocelot gets his arm cut off, it symbolses that he is going to be the next snake, making a cryptic metaphor. This exclamation can also be used by standing silently behind a complete stranger and pointing at them, and waiting for them to turn around, and when they do, shouting "CRYPTIC METAPHOR." And walking away without further comment.
1. Snake: Oh, gee whiz, I hope a tank isn't gonna totally come outta nowhere and OWN me.

*tank shoots snake*


Meryl: Hey, Snake, a tank is gonna totally...

Snake: SHUT UP!!


Snake: Do you seriously think this is fucking fair?

Raven: ...Just throw grenades at me.

Snake: Oh.


Snake: Awsum!

Raven *laughs* I gave him more than a raven could hunt for in the night.

Ocelot: What?!

Raven: The snake prowls feircely, but cannot scratch his back, for as the sioux people are aware of, snakes have no arms with which to scratch their back.

Ocelot: ...Shut up.

Raven: The Raven on my head thirsts for his blood!

Raven's tattoo: DAMN RIGHT, NIGGA, mm-MM!!

2. Mungo: So what are you doing this weekend?


Mungo: Cheapass! You did that last week!
by Dr. Zodiac October 25, 2009
When someone is being very Cryptic and withholding important information or news.

This person knows that you desperately need this information, but as they are a Cryptic Shitbag they release only tiny bits of information, despite many hours of questioning, politeness and bribery.

They may imply and insuate possible answers, but often these answers only contain the smallest nuggets of truth.

These people are Cryptic Shitbags.
Rufus: You were gone a long time, did your Mum tell you when and where the Funeral will be?
GF: No. She's playing Cryptic Shitbags.
by Little Brown Bear June 7, 2011