When somebody writes a cryptic message, ie a status or a blog post, about you. You know it's about you but they don't mention you. Therefore they are being snide and are too scared to mention your name.
You fall out with a friend because you slept with her boyfriend and the next day they post this message on a social network site -

"I hate her, she is a massive slutbag and i wish she would die" ~ Cryptic Cunt.
by Rhiannon Crave March 13, 2012
A gamer of unknown origin. Going about in a ninja like fashion, this gamer is often not noticed until it is too late. They know every weakness, and adjust accordingly. Neither man or computer can stand in their way. Be aware.
"We have to pull a cryptic falcon on them. It might be our only chance"
by Tinker Tonk October 29, 2008
Cryptic Crackheads (CC for short) is a discord group that's mainly frowned upon mostly because all the members in it are apathetic trolls. The name can also be used to describe fucked-up Discord trolls.
Discord user 1: Hey have you heard about the Cryptic Crackheads?
Discord user 2: I don't even want to talk about it, they made my friend kill themself
by Nuggetory September 29, 2021
The rawest underground rapper you'll be able to find on youtube. A short stout motherfucker. Fuckin awesome. If you don't know him. Go kill yourself.
"Hey, you hear that new Cryptic Wisdom song?"
"Who's that?"
Hand twitches
"Run. Run very fuckin fast."
by MatchMaker. Your ass + My Boot January 23, 2014
Tf are the Cryptic Crackheads doing over there?
by hyperass September 19, 2021
An incredible Yorkshire folk metal band that is made up one of Yorkshire man, one Manx keyboardist, one southerner and one Dutch drum machine.
Ensiferum: Hey guys, don't forget our show tonight. We're been supported by a Yorkshire metal band called Cryptic Age.
by Grymnir July 18, 2011
When you are having sexual intercourse with a girl and are about to ejaculate, you have her lay on her back and close her eyes as if you were about to goo all over her face. You then proceed to either A) stand over her (feet on either side of her torso), or B) kneel so that each of your legs are on either side of her body. When you both have assumed the position and she has her eyes closed, instead of ejaculating you proceed to poop all over her chest/body/torso area rather than goo-ing.

As an added bonus, you can proceed to laugh at her and then ejaculate onto her face.

This is called the Cryptic Dumper because after you complete this new fangled move, the person who got dumped on will be incredibly confused.
Jack: Dude I totally gave Rita the Cryptic Dumper last night.
Mark: Haha! I hope you then laughed at her afterwards to rub in the totally embarrassing moment!!
Jack: I so did...I laughed so hard...
Mark: I love you...
Jack: I love you too sweet prince...
by jaketd12 February 22, 2010