A really awesome Finnish band.
People argue too much about what genre it is.
It doesn't matter if its Pagan, viking, folk or black metal.
Ensiferum is just an awesome band and you should appreciate that. No... You MUST appreciate it. When Jari Maenpaa left Ensiferum, he was replaced by Petri Lindroos, and he's doing pretty good.

Music by Ensiferum can be fatal to emos, scenes and preppy mainstream girls.
Listen at own risk.
Ensiferum is so awesome it can kill hippies in a range of 2 miles from the speaker at 50 decibels
by Georgioz January 21, 2011
A folk metal band with original music and they are really good. Each of their song is a wonder by itself.
Ensiferum is the band which got me interested in folk metal.
by Afterlifesinner April 17, 2011
A folk/viking metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Responsible for making really sweet music, making songs like "Goblin Dance" and rocking the faces of the general public right the fuck off.
"Yo, homes...Ensiferum is the shizzle for rizzle, you nizzle?"
by Nick Noggy Nog November 21, 2006
An immensely awesome Finnish Folk/Viking Metal band.
Ensiferum rule. A lot.
by Da_R February 26, 2006
The best viking metal band yet to walk the face of the earth. With songs like treacherous gods, Guardians of fate and Hero in a dream nothing even comes close.
Ensiferum is the greatest thing u will ever know. After one song it will be bound within your soul
by Valf September 10, 2006
A nickname for the American melodeath/folk metal band Frost Giant as they share a similar sound as Ensiferum (from Finland). Basically they’re a sloppy Americanized version of something greater.
Frost Giant is basically American Ensiferum, just more sloppy and fatter looking.
by ScottyPuntacular June 23, 2018