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obsession with and unusually erotic interest in or stimulation by persons in a state of suspended animation.
Ethan looked longingly at the perfectly perserved man in cryostasis. He enjoyed the time they spent together, and their long nights of cryophilia.
by Ethan And Matt May 13, 2005
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An erotic affinity for cold people, places, & things.
An organism's sensuous need for cold temperatures.
A bdsm fetish where the fetishist(s) engage in bdsm play related to cold temperature;
"Id est COLD play".
I modestly refused to shake their cold hand, out of fear of revealing my cryophilia.

My cryophilia gets me into a lot of trouble in the winter; when the cold air hits me, it sends shivers throughout my body making me feel ecstatic.

The cryophilia I feel on a hot summer day, when I crave an icecream cone, is unbearable.

Cryophilia; the intense sensuous craving I get for cold people, places, and or things.

"That COLD ice, THE SHIVERS it sends THROUGH my body that bring me to such SWEET ecstasy can only mean one thing; I have cryophilia."
by ColdTouch3 March 02, 2018
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