to be high and drunk at the same time{chronic/drunk}
i just smoked a bowlll an drank some vod.. im so CRUNK
by kittyfaceee November 06, 2006
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Being really really drunk and really really high on weed.
I'm so crunk right now i can hardly see...
I drank so many beers and smoked the fatest blunt, I'm so Crunk...
by Colton_M December 09, 2006
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being very drunk and high at the same time
dude that gay drank like 6 tequila shots and smoked 2 bowls and now he's fuckin crunk

i was crunked after i smoked when i was already wasted
by alexxx1 November 14, 2006
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crunk (adj) to have a good time while engaging in high volume and often wild activity.
believed by most to be a combination of chronic and drunk but its origins cannot be confirmed. today it is used in a more innocent light simply referring to having a "boisterous good time" can easily be used as a rallying call to get a party or crowd hyped up.
bucktown tiger: this new song gets me crunk every time i hear it!

shopwrecker1: /me furpiles on bucktown

shopwrecker2: /me turns up the volume of the crunk new song before jumping in.
by cepheus wolfshepherd May 02, 2010
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The word in Yiddish means "sick," and was brought into the Southern Black vernacular through the presence of European Jewish immigrant shopkeepers in black neighborhoods in cities such as Atlanta.
Can be used in the sense of "messed up" as in "these forks are crunk," and spread to "messed up" as from controlled substances
by Balagan November 08, 2004
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Adjective: A Southern U.S. Hip-Hop term for describing the level of excitement at an event or an excitable attitude.
Verb: Provoke excitement.
Noun: Southern U.S. Hip-Hop music using electronic drum sounds and synthesized brass instruments. Made most popular by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys.
"That party was crunk! People were shooting and two cats who were trying to get crunk got shot. They were playing crunk like Young Joc and Dem Franchise Boys. That's what I think really crunked-up the party.
by CoknI O'Dire July 18, 2006
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