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A threesome consisting of a man doing a women from behind, while she bends over and sucks another mans cock. All three people are standing. They form a capital 'H'. With each thrust from the man, the H tends to wobble.
Mike and I got that college freshman up in our dorm room and did a wobbly h with her.
by Matt August 26, 2003
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A sex move very similar to the Eiffel Tower. A threesome involving two guys and a girl. Both guys standing, one guy receives head while the other guy is doing the girl from behind, thus creating the wobbly H with his thrusts.
Hey Adam, remember when we tag teamed that bitch and made the wobbly H?
by twaters January 17, 2008
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You guys are all missing a key element of the wobbly H. Yes, it involves two guys doing a girl, on her hands and knees, at each end--one getting a blow job and the other doing her doggy-style/up the ass. HOWEVER, the wobbliest is NOT merely due to the thrusting, but mainly because the two guys are armwrestling on her back. Furthermore, whoever wins the armwrestle is not cheating on his gf. Also, the girl is not cheating as any boyfriend, even if not personally involved in the wobbly H, should be glad to allow his gf to participate in a wobbly H.
Dude, you lost in the wobbly H? Shitty.
by enlightener October 26, 2003
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The shape formed when you have a threesome consisting of two guys and one girl. With the girl on her hands and knees with a guy at each end. With every thrust the 'H' tends to wobble.
Tim and I tottaly did the Wobbly H with that chick
by Mix Master P June 02, 2003
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