crodie is a ride or die bro, this is the person that you do anything for no matter what. This person is also your day one brother who has stuck with you threw the good and the bad. Crodies are family and trust worthy.
why u talking shit? Thats my crodie!
by johnny.23 March 1, 2017
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Crodies are ride or dies in a blue gang, essentially what a crip calls his homies since they don’t use B’s,
Mandem: saying you was dissing my crodie SJ?
wastemans: nah fham but his jordans dutty
by tdotKAI November 21, 2018
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The crip version of "brody" meaning "brother" or "bro" as a friend. This term is commonly used in south Ontario, Canada as their are a lot of crips located in the GTA (greater Toronto area). This term can be used by anyone who isn't a blood and knows a lot of crips.
- I saw you with that man the other day. Is that your boy?
- Yeah, that's my crody, styll
by 905$AVAG3 March 25, 2018
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That wasteyute is not a real crodie on god.

Yo crodie pass the chuff

I identify as a crodie
by @Dh-sim January 24, 2023
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