When one makes a stupid mistake one is know to have crigged it. A crig is a mistake made through lack of thought or skill.
Oh my god! You've pathetically crigged that!
That was an almighty crig on your part!
by jgalf September 4, 2010
(n) - a person who is the wierd one in the group and likes to say random things at very random times, making everyone around him think he is a straight dumbass
(adj) - a very wierd person who nobody tries to be like
Noun : John, stop dancing in a monkey suit you fucking crig.

Adj: John, quit being criggy, it’s wierding me out and makes me want to hurt you.
by Gorduuke August 18, 2018
Different, better word for the name 'Craig.'
Hey there, Crig. You're looking fabulous today.
by Notcrig September 23, 2007
A state of intoxication brought on by the excessive imbibition of alcohol.
Example 1- (verb)
Party Animal 1: man, i got so crigged up last night, I couldn't walk straight.
Party Animal 2: no way man.
Party Animal 1: way.

Example 2- (noun)
Respected Citizen 1: I would describe your current state of mind as that of a crigger, comrade. I say this solely because you are a drunk.
Respected Citizen 2: Nonsense, I've only had a sherry,
by Harvey Berkley February 28, 2009
Offensive. Word splice for "crazy nig" use as a term for any person attempting to cause others misfortune regardless of ethnicity.

Subjecting a person to an unpleasant experience, ranging from minor inconvenience to life-threatening situations.
"I almost didn't make it home last night, thankfully I'm good at dodging crigs."

"If you're planning on sleeping with your neighbor's wife, keep in mind that you're about to massively crig him."
by Wallpaper September 16, 2012
Man with a very large penis.
Dayym son! You have a Crig Dick!
by Jay-Sissle March 20, 2011